8 Mar 2018


Coinvest - Investment For Everyone

COINVEST is an open technology platform that aims to create a decentralized tool for consumers that allows them to continue operating, safely and reliably in crypto currency. In addition, COINVEST will ask everyone to create their own investment cart for a portfolio of private sector crypto assets. 

Platform where you can create your own key crypto account, exchange negotiation ideas and transfer accounts to more experienced operator management, all combining the Coinvest project.

In short, Coinvest is a decentralized platform for investments in crypto, funds and private operators. One of the main advantages of this platform is the security, honesty and overall openness of the system. All these positive moments are secured with the launch of platforms on the block, using intelligent contract technology, as well as the structure and characteristics of Coinvest.

Invest in some crypto and index funds with one account, one bag, and one coin. Coinvest creates a future where users have one platform, one wallet, and one token (COIN), which lets one create a digital investment portfolio to invest in a lot of crypto. Thereby reducing the costs, risks, and complexities associated with crypto investment in centralized exchange or investment funds. 

Coinvest Ecosystem - We connect investors and traders to profit because of the growth of the crypto currency market. The Company earns a commission and invests some of it into capitalization. "

Investing gets a commission from an investor's profit: it benefits us when you get it.

  • Coinvest solves the main problem of the current investment tool! Lack of transparency and trust. When a broker can draw his trading history, how he "succeeds" in the stock market, will soon survive in the past. This history is not confirmed. An investor, who believes this broker, gives finances at his own risk. The Investigation Platform records all operations against blockchain, which means reliable and open, and can not be falsified. Thus, any trader or fund working through the platform is interested in earning income for himself and his clients.
  • Coinvest is a single market for traders and funds. An investor does not transfer capital to trust management, but he transfers his share account without the possibility of withdrawal, thus depriving traders of the opportunity to travel to the Maldives with money. Earnings from direct transactions go into investor accounts. All transactions pass through the Expert Investigation system, which excludes possible fraud.

How Is Work ?

  • Create a Coinvest virtual portfolio with your favorite emergency crypto.
  • Trade and attract direct investment with our smart contract.
  • Easily remove COIN using your debit card.

The second is the strategic partner:

Strategically, COINVEST has teamed up with

Olshan Frome Wolosky
namely the legal teams of Olshan, Frome and Wolosky who have been part of some of the most important and prestigious offers in the blockchain industry, including Filecoin, Overstock, and more. They offer responsive, independent and client-focused advice from senior business lawyers. Coinvest has partnered with Olshan Frome Wolosky for advice and to comply with the law under the rules required by the United States.

Kyo Jumio
Jumio is a verification expert who directly uses computer vision technology, machine learning to check credentials, connect online identity and real world. Coinvest uses Jumio technology to ensure KYC compliance during the tokenens contribution process.

Hosho is a global leader in block-chain security specializing in audits, penetration testing, and grant program execution. Coinvest employs a team at Hosho for professional security services, including smart contract audits and website penetration testing to detect vulnerabilities that often occur and can lead to losses for investors.

Axisblock / Amplifi Capital
Capital AxisBlock and Amplifi are early adopters and investment funds that have been involved in the crypto capital market in recent years. In addition to capital investments, AxisBlock and Amplifi Capital are strategic investment partners that help provide consulting services to our team and overall implementation.

Alliance of Ethereal Alliance Development
As a member of the Ethereal Enterprise Alliance, Coinvest collaborates with other companies such as Microsoft, Intel and others to help develop Ethereal's exposure, development and growth as a platform.

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