16 Jun 2018


Bitfence - 100% of companies in the world are getting attacked by the hackers

Problem: 100% of companies in the world are getting attacked by the hackers and the average detection time is 256 days (2015 Ponemon Report) leading to enormous economic and privacy damages. Similar attacks repeated against multiple targets before they are detected, understood and mitigated. Solution: 

BitFence Detects, deflects, and counteracts attempts at unauthorized use of information systems and gives your security team an unfair advantage over hackers. HNY Token: Community members "mine" hackers by running honeynet nodes are rewarded with HNY tokens. We correlate information together and provide 0-day threat feeds to customers who can purchase subscription with HNY tokens. Patent pending.


Mission of BitFence Cyber Solution is to reduce the average detection time of zero-day malware as well as adopt and deploy a proactive defensive approach/solution to mitigate other systems from similar cyber threats. BitFence offers its users with tools required to scale the growth of cyber threat and protects networks proactively, before any harm would have occurred to the network and related assets. 

BitFence ecosystem consists of following three main parts: Installation of BitFence designed Distributed Sensor Network (also known as Distributed HoneyPot). BitFence offers the incentives to anyone who runs BitFence designed software and/or hardware “miner”. These miners will automatically detect and reports suspicious cyber related activities. 

The miners will get rewards through distribution of BitFence ‘HNY’ Tokens. Malicious and suspicious data being gathered by miners will automatically be analyzed, processed and ranked (in accordance with risk factor) by artificial intelligence algorithm in real time. The list of signatures therefore be updated accordingly. Finally, once the data is processed and malicious actors (hackers) are identified, the information is instantaneously fed to all BitFence subscriber in order to mitigate them with similar threat.

Basic Information

BitFence Token

BitFence HNY Tokens are designed to provide comprehensive economic model to enable  functionality of the cyber threat prevention system. Payments for subscription services will  solely be conducted utilizing HNY Tokens. 
Moreover, all rewards for BitFence Miners will also  be distributed with HNY Tokens.
HNY Tokens are standard Ethereum ERC20 smart contract-based tokens which is implemented  also within BitFence Business Logic.


BitFence Cyber Security Threat and Intelligence comes in two different artifacts –Mining/Threat identifications or detection and Threat Risk assessment, signature deployment  and mitigation. Mining will be done by globally dispersed individuals utilizing BitFence devices  and software. 
Mining platforms are integrated with BitFence centralized servers where threat  risk assessment of signatures are evaluated. Once threat is evaluated, the signatures are  deployed to subscribed individuals and businesses subscribed systems in order to mitigate
them from zero-day malware and other cyber security threats

Miners of HNY Tokens

Miners of HNY Tokens should be running BitFence proprietary intrusion and malicious actors  detection software application called “StingMiner”. StingMiner software application will be  running on existing hardware used by individuals or companies and/or as an isolated lowpowered mini-computer device such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard. 
This virtual compartmentalized environment will be completely isolated from the host system. StingMiner software application will gather suspicious networking activities and invite/attract potential hackers to attack BitFence configured devices as cyber victim systems.

BitFence utility token

“HNY” is designed to be redeemed for zero-day global threat intelligence feed to protect individual users, companies and corporate systems from hackers. Intelligence feed is based on risk score which is packaged in a series of products and services delivered using subscription model, such as:
– Risk scored zero-day global threat feeds in XML, Json and CSV formats
– Ready to use iptables firewall rules
– Actionable and customizable global threat intelligence reports meeting customers requirements
– Generate email alerts
– BitFence mobile apps
– API key to access zero-day BitFence threat intelligence from Apps

Allocation Of Hny Tokens


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