28 Jun 2018


Fair Ninja ICO Review - Marketplace to Spend Your Cryptocurrency

Fair Ninja is the world’s first multi-national online classifieds platform that allows users to buy and sell goods and services from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. Fairninja.com goal is to connect the world’s individual classified marketplaces into a single market, making commerce easier than ever. 

Moreover, the Fair Ninja platform will be the first to offer fully integrated cryptocurrency payment options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as Fairninja.com, own ERC20- compliant Yoshi coin. Using smart contracts, Fair Ninja will offer transparent, reliable, secure, and anonymous transactions that will make online commerce internationally viable and completely frictionless.

There are many benefits to both online marketplaces, as well as individual sellers and buyers. Online marketplaces and sellers will now have a much wider audience to sell their goods and services, while buyers will have unprecedented access to an enormous variety of products. And with Fair Ninja’s automated translation tool, language and communication barriers will be erased, allowing for a truly international marketplace. 

Additionally, using Fairninja.com smart contracts, users will be able to conduct business in a fully secure manner, knowing both products and payments will be delivered. Clearly, Fair Ninja is a highly ambitious project, and not without its challenges. That said, Fairninja.com believe that these challenges will be addressed by implementing an international marketplace with blockchain technology at the center, ultimately creating a self-sustaining global online classifieds marketplace.

Basic Information

PreICO Price
1 YSH = 0.064 USD
1 YSH = 0.08 USD
Soft cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard cap
22,400,000 USD
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas
USA, China

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Why FairNinja

Since the main objects of FairNinja are the buyer and seller, it makes sense to consider the merits of the system on both sides.

Choosing FairNinja, the seller does not need to take the time to add his offer to another site. The platform simply takes on this task and you have the opportunity to "synchronize" your ads from other sites. This can happen without your direct involvement. Imagine that the trading platforms have concluded some agreement and for the sake of productivity they "change" ads for the sole purpose that you as a buyer can sell your product or service as soon as possible.

And, of course, you always have the opportunity to place an ad on the FairNinja itself, which in turn will cause your ad to appear on other friendly venues.

For the buyer, FairNinja can provide the widest choice of lots and offers, flocking from a huge number of friendly sites, as well as the selection of goods based on your preferences, which is engaged in artificial intelligence. He will also be engaged in translating descriptions of goods and services from foreign sites into your language. Users have access to the platform both through the web version and through the mobile app. Also, the buyer will also benefit from a huge selection of crypto-currencies, suitable for paying for goods.

How it works

Because Fair Ninja is a two-sided marketplace, we will describe how the site functions from both the seller’s perspective and the buyer’s perspective. Automatically import classifieds from top platforms in each country through partnerships. Sellers on other platforms will also have the option to cross-post their listings on Fair Ninja. These partnerships will be incentivized through a profit-sharing program, where the original listing platform receives 1.5% of the sale. 

Allow individuals to post on goods and services for sale directly on Fair Ninja. Additionally, Fair Ninja will capitalize on advanced technologies to make listings highly engaging, including artificial intelligence for automatic product recognition,360⁰ camera app integration, and many other cutting-edge features. And by offering a truly international marketplace, sellers will potentially expose their products to a much larger audience of prospective buyers.


In general, FairNinja will be one of the first platforms that will collect ads from different sites under an official legal agreement. To date, the Internet is full of sites filled with announcements from well-known boards, but all this is realized through the means of parsing and uncoordinated placement of lots on third-party resources. The user, in this case, does not receive any guarantees even about the existence of this lot in fact. In the case of FairNinja, the platform itself is the guarantor of the authenticity of the lot and even gives you the opportunity to contact a seller who is located anywhere in the world.

Thus, some blockade "bazaar" is formed, to which people from different countries come with different goods and services, it is not excluded even the possibility of the operator, the user only needs to choose the most advantageous offer and pay it from his crypto-purse. In 2018 there is a mobile application absolutely for everything, thanks to the platform you can have in your pocket all the goods of the world, which is really impressive! On the site, you can follow the news of the project and learn about the launch of ICO.

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