17 Jun 2018


Jibbit creates an ecosystem network to connect the worldwide cannabis community with the crypto world


Jibbit creates an ecosystem network to connect the worldwide cannabis community with the crypto world (200m +). A world to make the cannabis market completely independent of the financial system and its influences. By making use of the Blockchain technology, the company demonstrates the value of this revolutionary movement of the crypto-community and how we can make the world a little better. Be there today to help to make the crypto world accessible to the masses. 

Give the power back to the people. Simple, one-dimensional promises are made at each step, and this is what consumers expect in a multi-billion marketplace. That is exactly why the company is creating this system, Jibbit is not just a token, it is an eco-system that does not yet exist in the market. For many people, cannabis is more than just a stimulant or a narcotic, it’s a drug at the same time. 

Trust and reliability are the basic things required when the company talks about dealing with patients. This trust should be guaranteed by a system that keeps the data encrypted in the blockchain and is not modifiable. At the same time, it should be possible to inspect and verify the encrypted transactions as needed, so that no suspicion or doubt arises.

Basic Information

Token Name        : JIB
Token Sale           : 420,000,000 JIB  
Token Price : 0.05 USD
Platform               : Ethereum
Token Supply : 700,000,000 JIB
Hard Cap ======
Soft Cap              : 1,000,000 USD
Website               : Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How Does It Work?

One of the main features used by Jibbit is Blockchain technology. It makes payments on the platform transparent, anonymous and as safe as possible for all parties involved. Other criteria include reducing transaction and business costs and simplifying the purchasing process. Decentralization, globalization, and the opportunities provided by the use of cryptocurrency in the network are the competitive advantages over other companies that have similar solutions on the market. 
Those who pay in the JibbitMarketplace with Jibbit tokens indirectly benefit from a discount. The seller pays a discounted sales commission to the Jibbit ecosystem. The savings made by the seller are deducted directly from the invoice amount to the customer. Another feature is special offers, which Jibbit publish together with dealers. 
These are only shown to customers who use a wallet with Jibbit tokens on Jibbit platform. This makes the Jibbit token more attractive to customers and makes it the preferred means of payment on Jibbit platform. The companies can create intuitively designed backend software, a shop with their own products and prices.

Token Distribution

35%  Marketing 
35%  Development 
10%  Industry 
10%  Investment 
10%  Legal


The ‘UBER’ for cryptocurrency Marijuana Delivery We all know that no matter if it’s a pizza, burger or pasta, online or via an app, food can be, conveniently and uncomplicatedly, ordered with just a few clicks and delivered in the shortest period of time possible. Why can‘t you also get hash cookies, fruit juice or purple haze delivered to your doorstep by a cannabis messenger? 
Jibbit Runner, the delivery service for THC-containing cannabis products near you, it’s as easy as ordering a pizza. In the future, Jibbit Runner is intended to make cannabis products as easy to order as possible. Of course, this is only applicable in countries where the use and sale of cannabis are permitted and is in compliance with the respective laws. Payment can be made in the online shop or via the app with the mobile phone at the front door, and in cryptocurrency JIB-BTC-ETH-LTC-XRM or in USD.


The patient, doctors and pharmacy portal. Jibbit Doc should form the interface between patients, doctors, and pharmacies. A virtual doctor‘s office, available on the move on your smartphone or at home on your computer. Due to the medical legalization of cannabis in the US and much of Europe, and the resultant, ever growing, demand for workable solutions in this area, the company is working on a platform to connect patients. 

The first platform solution will be available in Germany. In recent years, the demand for medical cannabis in Germany has doubled from month to month. It is expected that this growth will gain even greater momentum in the coming years and that the previous growth rates will continue to be exceeded.

Use Case

The most important point for the value of the token is the use case. The question to ask is whether the Jibbit network, as a whole, would continue to function without restrictions if it were not to use the Jibbit token. The answer is no. By allowing the Jibbit token in the Jibbit Marketplace and Jibbit Runner to provide an indirect discount to the customer, it makes the token a preferred means of payment for the platform without losing its properties as a utility token. By using Jibbit Doc, where only the Jibbit token is allowed as a means of payment, it makes it unique and irreplaceable. In the longer term, it will be possible to only accept the Jibbit token (JIB) as the sole means of payment in the Jibbit ecosystem.

Token Reduction

One of the best tools to increase the value of a token is to reduce the number of tokens in the market. The reduction of the tokens from 700 million Jibbit tokens, in total, to only 100 million, leads to a shortage of the tokens on offer. The Jibbit burning program is also intended to increase the value of the Jibbit token. 1/10 of the sales commission that the seller pays to the Jibbit network is transferred to the Jibbit burning program.

These tokens are then burned monthly. If a purchase is made with FIAT currency, the commission will also amount to 1/10 of the purchase of Jibbit tokens, at the current exchange rate used, and then burned. In addition, 5% of Jibbit GmbH‘s annual profit also flows into the Jibbit burning program; this is also intended to increase the value of the tokens. By buying up the Jibbit tokens on the market, demand is increased and the supply is diminished by incineration, in order to reduce the tokens that are on the market. As a result, the value of a Jibbit token should increase continuously.

Marketing Campaigns

Even after the exchange listing, we will continue to invest in advertising. In addition to advertising on the Jibbit ecosystem, there will be targeted campaigns for the Jibbit tokens. The main focus of these campaigns is for awareness of the Jibbit tokens. Investors will be shown the possibility of investing in Jibbit tokens, even after the token sales.

What Makes The Blockchain So Special?

The blockchain is able to store all transactions carried out in a decentralized and practically tamper-proof manner. The blockchain enables the development of novel business models that have previously simply been unthinkable. On the Ethereum-blockchain, the realization is carried out by so-called “smart contracts”. Smart contracts are a type of digital contract that will record pre-programmed events automatically, and without human intervention, and secure the data in the blockchain. 
The blockchain enables the processing of peer-to-peer and business-to-business transactions without the need for a third party to control the transaction. The main advantages over existing centralized systems are that everyone has access to the blockchain and there are no high financial hurdles. In addition, security, transparency, fast, low-cost transactions in the blockchain and decentralization are contributing to the increasing global acceptance.


The copies of the blockchain data are stored de-centrally on thousands of nodes. This makes it very difficult for hackers and other users to change or forge the data stored in the decentralized database. This would require an unimaginably high computational power because you would have to change the copies on thousands of computers at the same time. According to the current state of science and technology, this is extremely difficult to impossible, which makes the blockchain a particularly safe technology.

History and future of the cannabis market

Cannabis or hemp is one of the oldest and most diverse crops known to mankind. For millennia, it was an economically important supply of fibers, food, and medicine. The male plant serves as a raw material source for the manufacture of ropes, textiles, paper and oil products. The flowers, leaves, and stems of the female plant contain the psychoactive THC, which is used as an intoxicant or for medical purposes. 
In most countries around the world, cultivation and consumption have been illegal for about 80 years, and therefore it has been banned. Legalization in the USA and other countries has shown that responsible handling of cannabis is possible. There is no tax revenue from a business that had been completely underground for the last few decades. 
Although we promote cannabis as a natural product, we do not want to downplay the issues with it. Especially for young people, regular consumption is not healthy and psychological problems could occur. However, this is not a reason for banning it, as other stimulants have a much higher addiction rate and cause worse damage to people’s health. The strength of the cannabis market, at present, can be seen by a looking at our market

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