28 Jun 2018


MobileBridge Momentum ICO Review - Revolutionising Marketing & Loyalty

The Momentum Token is arguably the first blockchain and crypto-token completely based on an automated platform. These tokens help large companies to reward their customers and their best supporters with a crypto token. It can also be called a token that gives users tools to control their personal data with The Momentum Token. Well, it says that The Momentum token is the first blockchain and crypto-token that is completely based on the automation platform.

This token greatly helps large companies reward their customers and their best supporters with a crypto token. Can also be referred to as a token of loyalty as a user to be able to control their personal data with the help of this token. The main purpose of the company is to build strong customer relationships that can be done only by using Momentum Token.

Many of the customers still do not believe that in the traditional markets that companies really understand in the past, many loyalty programs have been done by the company, but all the same, they all fail, this is because users never trust this loyalty program. It sometimes happens that important points are wasted or out of date.

Basic Information

1 MMTM = 0.10 EUR
Soft cap
Hard cap
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas
US citizens -only accredited can participate

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At this point, marketing is rapidly approaching $ 1 trillion a year, but much of this investment is wasted due to increased reluctance to disclose their personal data and general inefficiencies in the ways in which market research is conducted. In fact, the current prize program costs $ 500 billion annually in North America even though the amount of unused reward points is about $ 100 billion so that many customers with large reward points are either not being used well, or not being of value expected.

With Momentum blockchain technology that has the power to have a strong impact on the current state of affairs, the proposed token system will change the points of unloved or no-prize gifts into valuable assets that can be used in exchange for goods, used for investment or trading.


At the current point, MobileBridge technology is a business that can be said to be a successful business. Why is that? The MobileBridge platform is used to identify the optimal time and location to interact individually with customers to maximize their engagement. To achieve this, it uses data from offline and online sources. Claimed that their system enriches customer experience and builds customer loyalty.

With this innovative technology will build a new breakthrough introducing blockchain technology and anticipated cryptocurrency tokens have a very disruptive impact on current marketing strategies. Thus MobileBridge can be the best solution for now.


The potential benefits to companies and consumers are wide-ranging. They include:

  • Companies can use their own branded cryptocurrency-based marketing reward programs
  • Gain an improved understanding of customer’ behavior.
  • Connect with customers and friends at critical times
  •  Reward customers with crypto tokens, and other incentives for purchasing providing personal data, posting reviews, clicking likes, and so forth.
  • Allow consumers to collect crypto rewards from local stores using various apps and augmented reality
  • Consumers will benefit from marketing that is better connected to their needs and a share of the value they provide to the business
  • Reduced spam and unwanted messages
  • Reward points in the form of cryptocurrencies which will be highly valued by customers
  • Customers will have complete control over the data they share

How Does Momentum Token Work?

All companies that want to use token-based incentives are welcome on this platform, this is because the platform is famous for its loyalty marking system. Some large Companies believe that if anyone uses a similar product then they can be active in the application more than 100 times and collect nearly 40 customer data. This token can also be used to reward certain brands.

The platform aims to change the idea of how companies think about marketing and maximize change processes. It also helps to target all users with comprehensive data. This comprehensive data includes data and behavior. Therefore, this directly helps the platform to better offer them to the data and also targets better outcomes of the market on the investments they have made.

The use of this platform gets complete control over their own data. They also have facilities that sell data for tokens and benefit from it or keep it to them if they wish. Here, cryptocurrency is not only used as a token of loyalty but also as a currency to be used to pay for services or for any exchange as a promotional gift. This token is considered a private property of the user and they will not be wasted if the user does.

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