27 Jun 2018


Online.io ICO Review - Reinventing The INTERNET

Online.io is one of those initial coin offerings that without a shadow of a doubt have very widespread appeal, and if they do make their funding goals which I hope they do they will be able to roll out their project very quickly.
When you set about looking through all the initial coin offerings that are available to investors these days you will come across plenty that may have short-term appeal and could have short-term growth, but Online.io has aligned term appeal.
Therefore, this is likely to be a project and concept that could be worth setting aside some of your investment funds but leaving them tied up n their tokens for some considerable about of time, as there could be some huge profits to be made, even for low-level investors.
At this moment, the web users are paying to browse the internet, either through subscriptions or through less transparent fees, such as digital advertising. In Online.io envisaged environment the web users will enjoy an ad-free Internet, while the web operators will still benefit from financial rewards. In today’s interconnected society, companies adopted less transparent practices of online tracking and behavioral profiling. Very sensitive information, such as financial and health records are often collected, thus raising a myriad of privacy concerns. Online.io solution incorporates a tracking script blocker that will severely disrupt the ability to continue tracking in real-time the user’s activity.
The massive expansion of the Internet and the high degree of connectivity lead to a similar or even more dramatic rise in cyber-attacks aiming at gathering sensitive and confidential information. One of the most prominent ways of carrying a cyber-attack is through the infected websites that usually contain hidden malware scripts. The online.io solution will protect the end users using a custom anti-malware and ad blocking script that will safeguard their personal data and enhance their security. 
People are aware that online ads are slowing down their browsing speed, hence an increasing number of users are using ad blockers to navigate the internet faster. Through Online.io solution, end users will benefit from the effects as using an ad blocker, while also enjoying a more secure and private experience due to the other features. Furthermore, the web operators will still be able to monetize their websites’ content.

Basic Information

Token Name                             : OIO
Country                                     : Romania
Token Price                              : 0.04 USD
Platform                                    : Ethereum
Soft Cap                                   : 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap                                  : 50,000,000 USD
CurrencyAccepted                   : ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETC, BTG
Whitepaper                              : Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website                                   : Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage
Announcement Thread           : Click Here For Visit Information Update
Telegram                                 : Click Here For Visit Telegram Official

You Can Check In This Video About Online.io

There is a good chance that this ICO is one that does appeal to you and if so then along with watching the following video presentation please do study their website and make use of their whitepaper too.


Government agencies and big Internet companies that shall remain unnamed thrive on tracking your every move! Only together Online.io can put a STOP to this! Nowadays websites are full of ads that try to sell you something they think you need by creating an unfriendly and irritating browsing experience. 
Also, lots of them have hidden malware, scammy ads or mining scripts. Online.io platform aims at making a groundbreaking change of the Internet, by revolutionizing the browsing experience and making it faster, non-trackable, without malware and ad-free. Website operators gain a significant amount of revenues from ads, which can be changed by implementing Online.io solution based on the highly scalable, transparent and fully accountable Blockchain technology, which will ensure they get fair remuneration based on the number of visitors, time spent on their pages and the interaction with the site, creating a more suitable environment for quality, as opposed to spammy cash driven web pages.


Online.io today’s interconnected society characterized by the increased capability of everyday devices to connect to other devices and people through the internet infrastructure, the high degree of connectivity raises a myriad of consumers’ privacy and data security concerns. The advertising industry enjoyed a negative attention both from the large public and the authorities because of its less transparent practices of online tracking and behavioral profiling. 

Following technological developments, online tracking became increasingly sophisticated, thus it is no longer limited to the “cookies” installed on the user’s devices in order to monitor websites a user visits, but it can track real-time data accessed by a user and triangulate that with information stored about that user’s location, financial data, health records, etc. These results are then compiled into complex and rather comprehensive consumers’ profiles Online.io are sold to digital advertising companies for better targeting their promotional campaigns.


Ask yourself what you should be looking for from an initial coin offering and I am sure you will find it being offered to you via the Online.io initial coin offering, for you need a solid project and concept and a solid team and a token that is not overpriced during its ICO period.

Online.io does have the potential for some very long-term growth too as I have mentioned, but it could also be one of those investments where you do invest big, and then look to sell of part of your holdings early and hope the price continues to rise before you sell on the rest of your tokens.

If you pay a visit to their website that is where you can, of course, learn more about their team, their roadmap, and their all-important white paper, and you will also be able to sign up for their initial coin offering in no time at all too.

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