28 Jun 2018


Smart Containers - Temperature Sensitive Logistics (ICO REVIEW)

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Smartcontainers.ch is a shipping company in the form of containers, barcodes, and packet tracking software. Packet tracking software is a revolution in global commerce that is always determined by technology. We should be grateful to these milestones because they can ship goods anywhere in the world. Over the past hundred years, global trade has grown exponentially, and logistics services are growing at the same pace.

Smartcontainers.ch which incidentally transport goods become more sensitive, the need for reliable and reliable transport infrastructure is increasing. This is very important for products that require safe levels of transport and handling, such as pharmaceuticals and food. Currently, this challenge is very burdensome pharmaceutical and food companies. Smart container comes as a solution to this problem, it can be said this company is a revolution of a logistics company.

Smart Containers aims to provide solutions within the logistics sector through the creation of temperature-controlled containers for pharmaceutical and food products throughout the supply chain. It aims to eliminate paper footprints and enable innovative container automation that they go through with intelligent contracts connected to their original cryptocurrency.

Profile Company

Smart Containers Group is a technology company established with 2 business operations that are as follows;
  1. Skycell: a company specializing in developing a temperature-controlled container for transporting sensitive drug products to the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. FoodGuardians: This one company specializes in developing temperature-controlled containers to transport food products around the world


As we know that today the logistics world is still experiencing many problems, smartcontainers.ch has identified an important opportunity to create a fully integrated logistics ecosystem that is seamlessly open to all participants in the industry and based on blockchain technology. This ecosystem will be called LOGI CHAIN.

The goal is to remove paper and disconnected information such as email. The second step is to automate the billing of the container through a smart contract by using cryptocurrency called a token.

Here's how it works: The physical logistics unit (eg, container, parcel, product, etc.) is reflected as a virtual product (chip) in the blockchain infrastructure. A virtual chip is available for each user at minimal cost. Various documents and attributes can be linked to the chip and accessible to the parties involved in the process (eg customs officers, shipping companies, contractors, shippers, buyers, warehouse workers).


Some documents will be open to the public and visible to everyone in public blockchain such as Ethereum. Other more sensitive and personal documents will require blockchain permit infrastructures such as Fabric or Corda. Other infrastructure such as NEM, EOS or NEO will also be considered. Different parties in the delivery process will access the document through an open source reader.

This ecosystem will generate considerable efficiencies such as reducing the cost, delivery delays, and CO2 by eliminating un-integrated paper and email.

This will culminate in autonomous manufacture with delivery packages that are automatically billed through smart and paid contracts in the form of token that is SMARC, this is a token dedicated to users using technology from smart containers. Because this information can be available in real time, the parties will be able to take action quickly when there is a problem occurring in the supply chain.


Smart Containers aims to create an integrated logistics ecosystem called Logi Chain supported by blockchain technology that will smooth out for industry and stakeholders, this will have a positive impact on logistics with a more efficient performance.

Logi Chain will be an open logistics ecosystem that will facilitate delivery and administration organizations through the use of blockchain technology. This will also allow them to create fully autonomous containers that charge themselves through cryptocurrency.

Here's How They Work:

  1. Virtual Representation: The physical logistics unit - which can be a container, parcel or product replicated as a virtual product represented by a virtual chip on Logi Chain.
  2. Virtual Chip: This virtual chip aims to be reachable by all stakeholders at minimal cost.
  3. Embedded Data: Various data, documents, and attributes related to the product may be embedded in the chip and accessible to the relevant party in the provisioning process. For example customs officers, shipping companies, contractors, shippers, buyers, warehouse workers.

The main difference of Logi Chain from other logistics companies is that not all documents can be publicly available to all participants, with sensitive and personal documents stored on blockchain permits. Different parties in the submission process will access the document through open source readers. Thus there is such a barrier for those who have authority and parties who do not have the authority.


Smart Containers is already a well-established business that has everything for them including technological breakthroughs protected by patents, profitable businesses, strong teams, strategic partnerships with major brands and use cases that are proven to greatly improve the efficiency and credibility in transporting drug products and sensitive food. Although their hardware has made exponential waves, transit to blockchain-based software development will be a completely different ballgame.

General Information

Token              SMARC 

Platform          Ethereum 

Standard          ERC20  

Price                1 SMARC = 0,4320 USD 

Payment          BTC, ETH,Fiat

Hard cap          36,000,000 USD

Start                 Mei 15 2018 
Completion      Mei 30 2018 

Start                  June 6, 2018 
Completion      June 30, 2018


                  Nico Ros               

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Richard Ettl

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Andreas Ernst


    Carla B√ľnger

    Business Development Manager

    Thomas Taroni

    Head of IT


    Oliver Bussmann

    Strategic Advisor

    Michael Guzik

    Blockchain Technology Partner

    David Wachsman

    Communication Advisor, 
    Founder & CEO Wachsman PR

    Gabriela Hauser

    Legal Advisor

    Marc Bettinger

    Strategic Advisor, 
    Altcoin Analyst and Trader


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