28 Jun 2018


ThinkCoin ICO Review - Multi-Asset Trading Network

ThinkCoin is the digital trading token that underpins the TradeConnect network. By bringing trading to the blockchain, ThinkCoin lets you trade forex, commodities, shares and other financial products with your peers in a simple, secure and user-friendly way. You can acquire TCO through our pre-ICO and ICO stages of release or, once the ICO is finished, by exchanging fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies via select exchanges.

TradeConnect has emerged from the pooled resources of the ThinkMarkets group – including TradeInterceptor, ThinkPrime, ThinkAffiliates and ThinkInvest. Together, this multi-award-winning set of companies combine decades of global experience in financial products and serve tens of thousands of users around the world.

Founded as ThinkForex in 2010, the group has gone from strength to strength, pioneering innovative new technologies and new standards of customer service, with offices now on three continents. In 2017, ThinkMarkets acquired TradeInterceptor, the world’s most searched-for trading app, underlining our commitment to becoming the only truly mobile broker in the world. TradeConnect is the next step in this mission.

Token Information

Token Name                    :ThinkCoin
Token Symbol                 : TCO
Symbol                            : Gala
Total Supply                    : 500,000,000
Total                                : 300,000,000
Hard Cap:                       : $50,000,000 USD
Soft Cap                         : $5,000,000 USD
Accepted Currencies : BTC, ETH , BCH , LTC and Fiat Money

Website                           : You can check website official in here
Whitepaper                     : Check their whitepaper in here
Announcement thread    : Check ann thread for update information
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Trading is decentralized, allowing individual parties to work with a platform or broker of their choice.

Blockchain technology 
Smart contracts are made verifiable and watertight by permanent and unchangeable recording on the blockchain.

Experienced team

A diverse management team that together brings decades of experience in financial services.

Connect fee

Instead of transaction charges, a Connect fee is charged and split between users and the network.

AI matching

Bespoke AI matching software means maximum flexibility.

Low cost

The decentralized protocol means that the usual broker’s fees won’t apply.

Digital Personas

Complex scoring models determine the best partnerships for a trade.


The global financial markets are dominated by major financial institutions who lack transparency, impose unfair charges and unjustly influence global asset prices. The global trading marketplace still uses practices and technology that have been left behind by innovation, maintaining a status quo that benefits legacy institutions more than their users.


TradeConnect: a state-of-the-art peer-to-peer trading network that will enable the trading of any financial asset in the world. The thinkcoin bespoke software will allow individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another, creating a balanced playing field where players large and small trade as equals. Trades will be verified on the blockchain, meaning settlements can be completed in seconds, rather than days — changing trading forever.

ThinkMarkets is a well-known financial group headquartered in London (UK) and Melbourne (Australia) with offices throughout the Asia Pacific, North Africa, South America and the Middle East. Website:  https://www.thinkmarkets.com/

  • Founded in 2010 under the name "ThinkForex", the corporation has taken steps to develop an-ThinkMarkets, a financial group headquartered in London and Melbourne, and has ceased to innovate its technology and create the industry standard in translation. customer service.
  • Certified in International Financial Foreign Exchange ASIC - AFSL 424700 and FCA - FRN 629628.
  • In 2017, ThinkMarkets acquired the TradeInterceptor, the most sought-after mobile app platform in the world. Also in this year, ThinkMarkets has established its R & D center for exclusive R & D products. TradeConnect was established in Bulgary 09/2017.
  • TradeConnect is the next step in ThinkMarkets mission.

What is the difference between TradeConnect and other ICOs?
Once launched, TradeConnect is expected to offer a variety of financial instruments, including digital money, FX and CFD pairs on stock indexes, commodities, stocks, precious metals, and commodities. quantity. The application of Blockchain technology will help every transaction in the customer account is transparent and can not be removed.

The strength of TradeConnect over ICO projects in the market:

  1. This is the product of ThinkMarkets financial group, has 10 years experience in the financial market, the top 3 best forex trading platform in Australia. ThinkMarkets has two of the world's leading financial institutions, ASIC, & FCA.TradeConnect, the next step in our mission.
  2. ThinkMarkets already has more than 130,000 customers trading on our MT4 platform and TradeInterceptors. When TradeConnect runs forex in November, the total number of customers will be converted. With this customer base, TradeConnect has a community available to grow.
  3. The world's leading multi-asset transaction based on blockchain technology. You can trade electronic money like Binace, Bittrex, and TCO. Also offering securities, forex, CFDs, commodities, etc. will attract large numbers of participants from the traditional financial markets as well. crypto.
  4. Peer-to-Peer Transaction Application: Using AI artificial intelligence network to find the best price for each transaction, AI will make the transaction faster, more flexible, fair and cost-effective.
  5. The team of experienced developers: CEOs, professional managers and consultants from Fintech, investment banking, blockchain and financial funds.
  6. The amount of coin sold will not be canceled, the amount of coin circulated in the market will be collected through transaction fees, payment by TCO. The company plans to use the proceeds to collect the proceeds to ensure the stability of the TCO for the purpose of paying the currency.
  7. In addition to listing on TradeConnect where the TCO is the most liquid, TCO is also listed on many of the world's top exchange coin exchanges, benefiting many of the token holders.
  8. A trading platform that allows companies to list their digital currency (listing), raise capital to carry out technology projects and start a business.
  9. After linking ThinkMarkets and TradeConnect in November of the same year as the RoadMap route, investors will be able to transfer money between the two platforms, 
Offering two major benefits:
  • Hurricanes into the fixed dollar of ThinkMarkets, this is a safer alternative to storm shelters into the USDT token today.
  • Where to buy BTC, ETH ... cheaper than Remitano.

ThinkCoin ICO project development team

  • Nauman Anees - CEO & Co-Founder of ThinkMarkets: He is a businessman with more than 10 years of experience in financial engineering. Fintech established ThinkMarkets, a world-renowned foreign exchange group headquartered in Australia and England. Born from computer science, he is extremely experienced in the design and development of financial transaction models and applications.
  • Rodolfo Festa Bianchet: CEO & Co-Founder of TradeInterceptor: Rodolfo has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He has established several companies in the field of financial analysis, research and trading, including TradeInterceptor, the world's leading mobile financial platform. Currently, he runs product development for TradeConnect on Mobile & DeskTop.
  • Marek Kirejczyk - Blockchain Developer & Advisor is the developer of Blockchain technology from ETHworks.io. He is a pioneer in the MIT's decentralized systems and deep learning systems, with Professor Jay Best, the operator of Cogni Capital, a specialist in electronic payment technology and dapps. Operating funds worth over $ 680 million.
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