13 Jul 2018


Blockshipping GSCP ICO Review

Blockshipping stands in Danish country precisely in Copenhagen, Denmark. Blockshipping develops a cutting-edge platform, this platform is called the Joint Global Joint (GSCP) that will enable potential savings for the global container industry efficiently by achieving a margin of USD 5.7 billion per year. This makes smarter handling of intermodal cargo containers. Blockshipping was founded in 2017 by Danish Peter Ludvigsen, where he has had experience since 40 years ago, the experience of key positions in international container shipments.

The concept of a block-based GSCP platform is the world's first freight container registry with the first global platform that allows all players in the shipping industry to carry out various deals related to container handling. ICO GSCP has been open since last May, now ico will end on 31 August, immediately follow to become one of the shareholders of this blockshipping company.

With a company that wants to revamp this new concept, the industry's blockers have shown great interest in supporting the GSCP platform. It's been funded by private angels and Danish Maritime Fund, and platform development has begun. But to further accelerate development and reduce time to market, they have decided to make sales through ICO which has been open since May 14, 2018, ago.

Here are the problems that are affecting the shipping industry:

Lack of Co-ordination of Each Other:
The absence of a real-time registry for shipping containers has resulted in a large number of containers being moved around unnecessarily. This leads to additional operational cost suppression and will certainly waste business resources.

Excessive Carrier Supply Limits:
The global shipping industry has faced ongoing pressure on a regular basis. With the GSCP platform, it is expected to reduce the costs they incur, due to excess supply of vessel capacity.

The existence of large carbon traces:
The shipping industry generates around 3% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. With this, there is an escalating effort by the European Union (EU) to limit CO2 emissions, which could increase the cost of capital across the shipping industry. This will have an enormous impact if GSCP can co-exist with them.

Underutilized Shipping Container:
The great inefficiency of the shipping industry is the empty or half-empty container transport because there is little transparency in the tracking process, or not at all. This will refer to the reduction in the process to generate potential income.

The GSCP ICO offers a unique set of token features including a Revenue Sharing Model as well as a Market Maker Fund that allows ICO contributors to sell their coins back to the platform at a floor price until Blockshipping has met certainly fixed milestones.

The GSCP token model involves the issuance of two tokens:
  • The internal utility token, Container Platform Token – or CPT
  • The external Revenue Share Token, Container Crypto Coin – or CCC.

Increasing quality

The GSCP ICO is not only the first Nordic shipping-related ICO. It is also the first ICO to be based on a new Danish framework called The ICO 2.0 Framework. The framework is expected to be published in May 2018 at the opening of the GSCP public token sale.

The purpose of The ICO 2.0 Framework is to increase the quality standards for ICOs making sure that future Danish ICOs
  • are 100% compliant with Danish law,
  • aim at the highest standards in terms of security and quality of coding,
  • promote openness, transparency, and honesty, and
  • follow a strict code of conduct when it comes to communications and relationship building with the ICO stakeholder groups.

Accept All Contribution

No! A dedicated website will be launched to handle the public token sale and KYC registration process. To give a fair chance for everyone to purchase tokens, allow payment in both ETH, BTC, USD, and EUR and to avoid the gigantic transfer fees sometimes seen during pure Ethereum executed ICOs – we will not be using one central wallet to accept contributions. 

Instead based on the chosen mean of payment we will create an individual and dedicated transfer option for each buyer and allow a certain time for the buyer to execute the transfer. If the buyer does not perform the payment in this time frame, then the CCC will be released back into the sales pool.

General Information

50,000,000 CCC

1 CCC = 0.62 USD

40,000,000 CCC

1 Mar 2018
20 Mar 2018

14 May 2018

31 Agus 2018


    Peter Ludvigsen
    CEO & Founder

    Christian Gyntelberg

    Jesper Vedelsby

    David Green
    Business Development 

    Tanja Lind Melskens
    Attorney, LL.M, Senior 

    Henrik Kure
    Partner, Attorney


    Simon Cocking

    Ian Scarffe

    Jesper Præstensgaard


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