5 Jul 2018


Casper API ICO Review - New opportunities for DApps

All of us, irrespective of the age, are witnessing information era matured. This is the time of boisterous technological, an economic and scientific development that became possible thanks to the most valuable resource of Casperproject.io time i.e. information, and the possibility to exchange it promptly. Amount of data, which Casperproject.io generate selves or those generated by devices we apply is a huge layer of personal
, social and commercial info, which can show others where are we going, what are we doing and whom with. But with the spread of distributed ledger technology (hereinafter “blockchain”) and the possibility of decentralized storage and processing of information, you have a choice with whom you want to share information, and with whom not.

Casperproject.io Do not trust the information of a single source and rely only on the authority of the company that stores it. Decentralized and secure storages around the world are the new standard where the only data owner is you and no one else, no matter where it is stored at a particular time. Besides, recently, young and ambitious competitors appear who take data storage decentralization as the main principle. Projects (Filecoin, Storj, Sia etc.), which use their own solutions for data storage. Their basic problem, from our point of view, is difficult to implement and popularize own blockchain, or dependency on a single blockchain platform,and desire to compete with classic giants.

Basic Information

PreICO Price
1 CST = 0.08 USD
1 CST = 0.16 USD
Soft cap
6,700,000 USD
Hard cap
26 200 000 USD
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas

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Users Rent Out Space: If you have some extra computer servers and wish to rent out space to the Casper network, you can be well-compensated. Casper will use the storage that they rent for you to help store bits of data from larger data-based companies from all over the world.
Focuses on DApps: Casper API presents true DApp storage. They have catered their network to decentralized applications and provide cheaper and faster methods.
Safer Storage: Because the data isn’t stored in one central location, it’s well-protected against hacks and shutdowns. Without a known central node to hack into or a server to shut down, your data remains safe on a decentralized network that spans continents.

What Issue Does it Solve?

There are many organizations and individuals around the world who have extra disk space on their servers. With Casper API, these parties can rent their extra disk space in exchange for CST tokens which they can exchange on the marketplace. If they are an exceptionally good provider, then they will receive additional rewards.

For companies looking for storage, decentralized blockchain storage is the safest way available. With your data split across nodes, it’s virtually impossible to hack. With competitive pricing provided by users around the world, these companies in need of storage will pay far less and have far more secure storage than they would be using traditional centralized storage.

Flexible permission system

The basic system of rights makes access to cancel operation labor-intensive, especially when the file is opened by manifold users, and one of them shall be excluded. The owner shall issue a new UUID for the file, and it shall be disclosed to all users, which will continue to have access. The flexible system of rights is connected to the fact that info about the users, which have access to the file is transferred and kept at providers for every chunk. Capability to the chunk of size to 2Gb determines that info about the system of rights will take comparably small space.

The issue of Casper Tokens

Casper issues its own monetary unit – Casper token or CST, which is used for payment settlements within the service on all blockchain platforms and to purchase franchise by service providers. After being issued at ICO the tokens will be freely traded at the exchange.

Token Sale at Exchange and Renting

Casper’s smart-contract will be written according to ERC20 standard. It will be possible to put CST tokens for sale at exchanges. Exchanges enable smart contract token free trading according to ERC20 standard. Many exchanges offer the additional possibility to rent tokens under flexible conditions. So CST token will be traded and rented at many exchanges. For Casper economics, CST renting service is the important possibility. 

Free CST circulation at the exchange can make its value too high for rapid payback of registered for 1 CST memory volume. It can become the barrier for service development. Leasing keeps financial attractiveness for purchasing tokens even at a high market price. Lease of CST tokens will allow a person who invested in CST to begin the return of investments earlier while providing clear economics to the service provider, who rented the tokens.

Tariff policy

Basic tariff policy stipulates user’s payment for used provider’s resources i.e. for keeping Gb of data per month, and for data download per Gb. Provider for keeping Gb of data and data download per Gb will receive payment in CST according to the tariff defined in smart-contract considering provider’s scoring. 

The user, when adding a file, shall make downpayment estimated for the file storage time required thereby according to the tariffs in smart-contract; smart-contract will select providers for file storage automatically. Once the file is saved at providers’, smart-contract shall commence sign-off payment for storage from downpayment made by the user on a monthly basis. Should the user delete the file from the service, user will be returned with not-used part of downpayment.
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