9 Jul 2018


IAT ICO Review - Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities

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The IAT platform is designed to maximize the benefits and minimize the losses that participants may face in the real estate market. IAT is aimed at solving such problems as transaction costs, ensuring security and transparency, saving time and costs, limiting foreign investors. IAT aims to make an investment in real estate easily accessible to the masses, eliminating traditional barriers by digitizing assets.

In addition, the company's goal is to create transparency of the resale and leasing processes, as well as the integration of other utilities for tokens on the platform, which include furniture, legal costs and expenses for attracting tax auditors. Using smart contracts, the terms of the transaction, such as the selling price, rental rate, and commission, will be pre-agreed and unchanged until the transaction is completed.

The target markets on which the company focuses are developing countries with a developing real estate industry that demonstrate high rental profitability and high potential capital gains. IAT is an ecosystem that targets various areas of the real estate market. Thus, the platform will provide and support the following utilities: rents, asset purchases, asset management fees, furniture payments, tax advice and services, legal fees, agent/broker commission fees, a list of assets for sale or rent, receipt of proceeds from sale/lease.

Saving Time And Costs

Currently, property ownership transfers take months due to the different parties involved in the process. There is also the need to verify documentation in different stages usually with the need of a lawyer. The use of blockchain technology will effectively address these issues by the use of a uniform source of information for all the parties that will be part of the transactions. Additionally, other emerging platforms that focus on issues such as payments can be integrated in the future. The platform will provide a listing platform minimizing buyers and sellers costs and time spent online looking for the right platforms to sell or buy their properties.

Allow Foreign Investors

Countries often put up regulations to impend the growth of the real estate market by imposing restrictions on foreign purchases in an attempt to prevent a bubble. However, the platform can be accessed by buyers and sellers from all over the world and will not have geographical limits.

General Information

Token              IAT 

Platform          Ethereum 

Standard          ERC20 

Quantity          4,500,000,000 IAT 

Price                1 IAT = 0,01 USD 

Payment          BTC, ETH

Soft cap           1,000,000 USD

Hard cap          20,000,000 USD

Quantity           after sales 
Start                  04.2018 
Completion      14/07/2018 
Bonus               20%

Number            2,000,000,000 
Start                  July 15, 2018 
Completion      August 15, 2018 


    Lim Kim Hwee (Raymond)                

    Chiew Zi Kai (Bryan)


    Jovelle De Guzman

    Marketing Director

    MJ Pojida

    PR Manager

    Leo Salonga

    Events Manager

    Marelyn Cubian

    Operations Manager


    Reuben Godfrey

    Senior Advisor

    Maury G

    Senior Advisor

    Malcolm Tan

    Legal Advisor

    Kevin Gayao

    Web Development

    Emerson Santos

    Financial Advisor


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