10 Jul 2018


Wemark ICO Review - Blockchain-based marketplace for digital content

Wemark will develop technology to help customers find photos based on their exact needs (for example, by searching similar photos to a photo they already like or describing the photo they need in natural languages, like Russian family on vacation with 3 or 4 children. As Wemark develop and implement this technology, the company will be able to accept more photos, while still improving the search experience of customers.

Having a relevant selection of well-curated photos is an essential part of making it easy for customers to quickly find the best photo for their needs. Wemark will continuously update curation standards in a transparent way and use the platform’s usage data to assist photographers in producing and submitting the right content to match the needs of today’s photo customers., Wemark’s editors will curate photos based on our published curation standards, we’ll continuously update to improve for speed and quality.

Once the system is established and scaled, Wemark will put efforts into moving some or all of the curation decisions into the hands of our community. Wemark will not enforce the copyrights of creators outside of the marketplace. The blockchain will be used as the public ledger for rights and licenses. Creators will be able to use it as proof that their content has or hasn’t been used with a proper license.

Photographers enjoy freedom. The freedom to go out in the field and snap that moment in time, the freedom to live their life the way they want, with the camera on, and making good money out of their creative passion. Wemark’s platform offers photographers the freedom to share their creativity by licensing their photographs directly to customers, make a profit out of it, and retain creative control.

Future Plans

The Wemark protocol will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain, the most established blockchain-based distributed computing platform which supports smart contracts and digital tokens. As part of its progress towards decentralization, Wemark will constantly review all the relevant alternatives and will choose the best infrastructure for its community and for supporting the digital content economy.

General Information

Token              WMK 

Platform          Ethereum 

Standard          ERC20 

Quantity          135,000,000 WMK

Price                1 WMK = 0,20 USD 

Payment          ETH

Soft cap           1,500,000 USD

Hard cap          8,000,000 USD

Start                 9 July 2018 
Completion      23 July 2018 

Start                  24 July 2018 
Completion      7 Agustus 2018


    Lars Perkins

    Former CEO & Founder 
    @Picasa, Director @Google

    Keren Sachs

    Former Director of 
    Content Development @Shutterstock

    Lee Torrens

    Marketplace Director @ Canva

    Michael C. Lesser

    Former General Counsel / VP @ Shutterstock

    Miguel Forbes

    Co-Founder @Forbes.com

    Gilon Miller

    Co-Founder & CEO 
    @ GuruShots


    Ram Avissar

    Strategy advisor for 
    blockchain based ventures

    James Waugh

    Tokenomics & TGE 
    advisor, Founder @Blueblock

    Amir Feder

    Token Economy Advisor, 
    Northwestern University

    Philippe Bouaziz

    Founder @ Prodware, 
    Chairman @Sarona Ventures


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