27 Nov 2018


Asobi Coin Ico Review - Distributed Secondary Content Platform

Today the world had moved to the digital age, with virtual everything such as shopping, watching movies, sharing of music, reading journals, news, gaming etc. now done online via thousands of mobile apps, online platforms, websites, streaming channels etc.

According to an online findings it would interest you to know that millions of people around the world visit the internet once every day either to chat with lovers, make new friends, search for information, check/read the latest news, download digital contents etc. but it would also interest you to know that out of the millions of digital contents online only a few digital content creators get rewarded/paid for sharing their creation online.

And it so sad that the few digital content owners who receive pay due to placing the contents on popular online platforms don’t really get paid what is commensurate to exposure of their content and are usually handicapped when it comes to the control of exposure of their digital contents, but a team of highly experience professionals have come up with a lasting solution that would not only revolutionize the digital content market but also create a fair ground for but digital content creators and their lovers. Please allow me to introduce you to ASOBI PLATFORM.


ASOBI is a well thought out project by a highly experienced team of professionals whose project is aimed at creating a decentralized market platform to aid easy buying and selling of digital contents online. The ASOBI project team adopted the Blockchain Technology to ensure absolute security of its platform operations, improve transparency, efficiency, and operational integrity in a decentralized ecosystem free from manipulation, content theft and so on.

The ASOBI platform is designed in such a way that digital content owners can easily sell their contents such as comics, gaming items, music etc. directly to a fans/lovers of their contents. That is to say with the ASOBI platform digital content owners can now get the direct monetary value of their contents, with content owners having the full right to negotiate directly without going through any third party.


It’s a common knowledge that digital content services do not give licenses to users, which makes it impossible to resell, and at times you find users losing access to their bought digital contents in cases of operational short down of content creators. But with the ASOBI market users buying digital contents are given license of such content (which are guaranteed through DRM, Decentralized Security System) which gives them the opportunity of resell their bought content via the ASOBI secondary market with other parties like the original content creator, publisher, developer, author etc. also receiving percentage benefit from the resell with all this activities visible on the Blockchain, thus creating a fair and profiting ground for every stakeholders in the digital content marketplace.

The picture below shows the ASOBI market at a glance :


The ASOBI platform has a very exciting wallet system that enables its platform users to easily carry out their digital content trading operations in a highly secured and transparent manner. The ASOBI wallet has both the publisher store and secondary market functionality which enables it platform users such as publishers and developers to enjoy the privilege of placing their digital contents (e-books, game items, music, videos etc.) in the publisher store for other interested users to buy with also an opportunity to resell and also buy used content via the secondary market at a lower prices with all payment transaction done using the ASOBI Coin which are then stored in the users ASOBI wallet.

The ASOBI Coin (ABX) is the official means of transaction via the ASOBI market ecosystem. It is also a means of access to other exciting features the platform has to offer and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrency and fiat currency on listed exchange platforms.

Currently, the project team has thrown open a once in a lifetime opportunity via it ongoing bonus packed ICO program.

General Information

Token              ABX

Platform          Ethereum 

Standard          ERC20 

Quantity          16,500,000,000 SON

Price                0.01 USD
Accepting        ETH,BTC,BCH

Soft Cap           5,000,000 USD
Hard cap         50,000,000 USD

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