8 Dec 2018


GameXCoin: The Revolutionary Blockchain Powered Online Gaming Platform

It's a well-known fact that online gamers were a portion of the early adopters of cryptographic money and blockchain innovation as they were at that point acquainted with numerous in-diversion virtual cash plan and models that profited by incorporating digital currency systems into the area and servers. The gaming business continues developing and I could state this is one of the great territory to coordinate cryptographic money and blockchain to a more achievement improvement. The gaming business is blasting, and it won't be long until its completely combined with cryptographic money installment frameworks and decentralized models.

The converging of blockchain innovation and gaming segment implies an incredible present day progression on our ventures. Advancements in the field of blockchain gaming have pushed the points of confinement of non-fungible resources and are ready to continue providing novel improvements in different territories like versatility.

On what angle really does blockchain tech enables the gamers to out there? Blockchains give and make accommodating devices to gamers, for example, decentralized resource trades, quick and secure installment systems, and an open door for engineers to legitimately adapt their manifestations which we are getting a charge out of.

Then again, the scan for answers for giving reasonable and fun blockchain-based recreations has turned into a race to a few trendsetters in blockchain adaptability and resource creation.

How Game X Coin Blockchain Game Cryptocurrency For All Works

Game X coin will utilize blockchain technology to provide a solution to these challenges as it promotes transparency within the game as it prevents the manipulation of in-games, which preserves their value. Blockchain technology will build a trust relationship between game developers and players which results in an ecosystem where every stakeholder benefits.

Finally, blockchain technology eliminates intermediaries in the transactions between the game developers and the players, therefore the transaction fees will be significantly lower. The elimination of intermediaries also means that the profits accumulated from the purchase and trade of in-game items will only be split between the game developers and the players.

In addition to connecting to solving the challenges gamers and game developers face, the platform will act as a marketplace marketing and distribution channel for in-game assets and in-game currencies.


Give me a chance to outline a few:
Working as decentralized trades for non-fungible resources.
Distributed Exchange of in diversion cash, things and crypto rewards.
Content reward go-between for amusement engineers and customers

These are a portion of the execution previously been utilizing on blockchain for gaming purposes. Adapting amusement manifestations has turned out to be one of the issues for some diversion engineers. Be that as it may, with the assistance of blockchain this issue can be the ease with no problem. HOW? By giving direct maker to-shopper opportunity which empowers blockchains amusement designers to manufacture and circulate their items without the requirement for outsider gathering. It would appear that blockchain turns into a danger to some contractual worker who needs to keep the bucks to only them. Engineers can additionally adapt diversions through extraordinary in-amusement tokens or resources as a feature of the amusement's plan and get robotized installments in cryptographic forms of money by utilizing savvy contracts and this is the reason I can state that blockchain is one great option to additionally create gaming industry.

Concentrated web based diversions and blockchain-based gaming stages presently can't seem to grasp blockchain completely perhaps due yo control of a few organizations and limitation due to crypto purposeful publicity. Nonetheless, this limitation will most likely outperform later on as innovation develops and nobody can prevent it from progressing.

In case you're a gamer and designer of gaming application or programming, you are likely getting the promotion or enthusiasm to win right? I know you're acquainted with this announcement "Do what you cherish and you'll never work multi-day in your life." It's a standout amongst the most widely recognized estimations you'll hear when attempting to choose a lifelong way. I know loads of individuals love to play video games, an internet gaming application, and some other stuff to facilitate their fatigue. In any case, it wouldn't it be marvelous if just by doing that could make cash a out of it? Why not we begin talking about the arrangement or the undertaking that will influence this a reality, to have you known about GameXcoin? If worse sit tight and eat some, popcorn while perusing what I will disclose about the undertaking.

Game X Coin GXC Token Benefits

For Players

Tokens – Players can earn rewards and bonus in form of tokens by playing games and sharing their data through the e-wallet. The tokens earned can be used to unlock exclusive contents and items. The Tokens a player earns also can also be used in any other game in the ecosystem.

For Developers

Lower Costs – The platform eliminates intermediaries, therefore, developers will not have to incur fees paid to intermediaries. Developers can also access the platform’s computing resources at a cheaper price.

Rewards – Developers who participate in node operation and block production will earn GXC rewards.

The Game X Coin is run by GXC cryptocurrency. Once game developers the GXC cryptocurrency, they can issue a token that is unique to their game. The token the developer's issues is then recorded in the smart contract.

The game developer can use the token to reward the players for actively playing their games, which will, in turn, increase the level of player engagement and the revenue generated. The tokens can also be used to promote the game in order to improve the number of players.

Players will also have to purchase the GXC from cryptocurrency exchanges in order to access the ecosystem where they will receive game tokens as a reward. There is a GXC decentralized exchange (“DEX”) within the ecosystem, where players can exchange one game token for the tokens of another game. According to their whitepaper, they will be holding and ICO but the date has yet to be determined.

General Information

Token              GXC 

Platform          Ethereum 

Standard          ERC20 

Quantity          1,000,000,000 GXC

Public Sale      300,000,000 GXC

Payment          ETH

Information regarding how players spend their tokens, how much time they spend on each game and the token acquisition history will be securely stored in the GXC wallet that implements blockchain. Game developers can purchase this information and use it in their marketing campaigns.

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